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Getting Started with Connect

Connect is our SMS texting platform. Upload contacts, craft your message and hit send!

So you found Connect - our tool to allow you to send text messages to your donors, enthusiast, staff, board members and anyone else you can imaging. We highly recommend texting as a means of communication for several key reasons:

  1. It forces you to think about the core call to action. Are you trying to fundraise? Drive registrations for an event? Collect information? Get feedback? In long-form emails, it's easy to add multiple sections, each with a different goal; texting constrains your characters and makes you determine the singular message, increasing results.
  2. We get too many emails. If I look at my inbox at any given time, I probably have 15-20 promotional emails and your note is somewhere in the list. US businesses are sending 120 BILLION emails per workday (Radicati)... Emails are no longer attention grabbing and engagement (clicks or replies) rates hover in the <3% on a good email and even less on solicitations. 
  3. It's more personal. People like to get a text, for whatever reason, it doesn't feel overbearing to get a text from an organization show some recent success or an update on a fundraiser you participated in. An email would likely get deleted. 
  4. The fact is that 95% of texts will be read within 3 minutes of being sent, with the average response time for a text being a mere 90 seconds (viber). So you are much more likely to get a response or link clicks from email. In fact, some of our clients are happily reporting that texts are more than 17x more effective in generating engagement than emails.

Did you know that texting is 17x more effective than email?

So let's get started with texting!

Click on each step for a video tutorial. Here are the quick steps to get started. 

Step 1: Creating an account

Learn how to get setup and started

Step 2: Adding one contact and sending your first message

Learn how to craft the perfect message and send it to yourself as a test!

Step 3: Uploading a long list of contacts

You can use Connect to send messages to people within roundup app or other individuals in your database!

Step 4: Crafting the perfect message and scheduling

Now that you have contacts, let's add a nice image and content to share with your contacts

Step 5: Understanding your reports

After a message is sent, you can understand who clicked on it and partition them to get another message!