Is The RoundUp App Secure?

The Round Up App Works With Leading Companies Behind the Scenes to Keep Data Secure

The Round Up App works with leading companies behind the scenes to keep data secure.

  • Transactions are processed by Stripe, the same payment processor used by Facebook, Habitat for Humanity, NPR, and hundreds of other major organizations.
  • The connection between the app and credit or debit card accounts provides a read only history of transactions; it does not allow the app to change the account or move funds. This link is established using Plaid’s API, which is the same technology used by apps like Venmo.
  • No credit card or bank credentials are ever stored on the app or on our servers, they are provided directly to Stripe and Plaid. This way, even if the RoundUp App service was compromised, there would be no credentials or credit card numbers to steal since we do not have access to that data.